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Settlement in CFOS’ Defamation Action against B’nai Brith

February 15, 2021


CFOS is pleased to announce a settlement in our litigation action against B’nai Brith.

(Toronto, ON) – As announced previously by CFOS, CFOS commenced a defamation action against B’nai Brith Canada arising out of an April 2018 article published by B’nai Brith in which B’nai Brith alleged that CFOS had promoted an anti-Semitic book tour. This defamation action has now been settled. As part of the settlement, B’nai Brith has agreed to delete the article in question as well as all of its related social media posts and publications. CFOS has likewise agreed to delete its Press Release announcing the litigation


About Canadian Friends of Sabeel – Canadian Friends of Sabeel (CFOS) is a registered charitable organization working to respond to calls for solidarity from the Palestinian community by faithfully engaging, educating, and equipping the Canadian Christian community and our partners. Our vision is to energize the Canadian Christian community as we pursue a durable peace rooted in justice, freedom, equal rights, and the principles of nonviolence. Our efforts are guided by the Christian values and principles of non-violence, justice, peace, and solidarity.

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Canadian Friends of Sabeel

Canadian Friends of Sabeel
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