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July 4, 2019

On June 22, the Trump administration released further details about the US government’s latest Israel-Palestine peace plan, also known as the Deal of the Century. Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of Donald Trump and a primary architect of the plan, went to Bahrain to pitch the plan to Arab leaders.

The plan calls for a large scale infusion of investment into the West Bank and Gaza, with smaller amounts allocated for Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan. However, there has been no mention of the right of return of Palestinian refugees, the borders or capital of a potential Palestinian state or what will happen to the over 400,000 Israelis living in illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Palestinian leaders have boycotted the meeting in Bahrain, stating that the United States can no longer claim to be an impartial mediator in the peace process due to US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and continued US support for the occupation and annexation of occupied territories. Many Arab leaders have described the plan as the largest bribe in history. You can read more about the Deal of the Century here

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