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Christian Leaders Call on US Political Parties to Address Palestinian Rights

August 1, 2020

Christian leaders from congregations across the U.S. have called on both major political parties to oppose the occupation, the expansion of illegal settlements and any annexation of Palestinian land. You can read an excerpt from an article that covers the Christian movement against the occupation and annexation below:

“Why do so many U.S. Christians and Jews oppose these policies? Put simply, annexation, settlement expansion, and the ongoing occupation hurt both Israelis and Palestinians. While Palestinians will bear the brunt of the harm, these policies actively work to discourage a peace process, create further fractures within Israeli and Palestinian civil societies, and contribute to regional instability that will make both Israelis and Palestinians less safe. Palestinian Christians are particularly vulnerable to the impact of annexation. Without a change in policies and an end to the occupation, in the coming years, the small yet powerful Christian community might not remain in the place where our faith began.”

Read the full article here.

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