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Meet Rana Atie

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Meet Rana Atie

Meet the new Executive Director of
Canadian Friends of Sabeel (CFOS)

Rana Atie

With a background in Applied Communications, Public Relations, and Project Management, Rana’s career extends over twenty years. She has experience in the public sector mainly studying grants and contribution requests, in the private sector working for various organisations, and she has consulted for several NGOs. Within the past twenty years, Rana has managed projects and events in many different work environments from fundraisers to political campaigns to organising conferences; some of which were regarding the Palestinian cause. Such was the case in 2018 when she coordinated the three-day international conference on the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determinate held by the Coalition of International Workers Solidarity (CISO) in Montreal.

However, like a lot of career-oriented women today, Rana also has other responsibilities. She is a mother to twin sixteen-year-old young men and a five-year-old little princess. Along with her husband, they teach their children the importance of being active members and citizens of our community. When Rana does find time for herself, she enjoys traveling, painting, and reading. Yet, she admits that her biggest passion will always be the Palestinian cause. Her grandparents are 1948 refugees from Haifa, Palestine. She discovered that fact at the age of fourteen. Her family was attempting to shield her from the outrages of those times. Ever since, Rana has become a fervent activist who continues to volunteer with many Palestinian groups.



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