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KAIROS Releases Report on Israel/Palestine Visit

March 6, 2020

In November of 2019, a delegation of church leaders visited Israel and Palestine with the objective of drafting a report on how to support peacebuilding efforts in the Holy Land and specifically how to support women’s rights and grassroots women’s movements in the region. The full report has now been published.

Here is an excerpt from the report:

“The delegation witnessed the impact of work with local
women’s groups, particularly the work of our partner
Wi’am. We met with women’s groups in Thabra, Beit
Umar, Jericho as well as women from Bethlehem and the
surrounding refugee camps. These groups provide a critical
space for women to meet, share and learn about their
rights, nationally and internationally, including learning
about Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination
against Women (CEDAW) and UNSCR1325, the UN Security
Council Resolution on Women, Peace and Security. We
observed Wi’am’s commitment to addressing issues of
violence against women locally, including domestic
violence and so-called “honour crimes and killings1,” as well
as the impacts of the occupation and military violence.”

You can download and read the report for yourself here.

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