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Response to United Church

April 29, 2022

CFOS Response to Just Peace Task Group Report

At the General Council meeting of The United Church of Canada during the next two months, a Task Group Report on Just Peace will be considered.

As one of the organizations invited to make submissions to the Task Group, CFOS sent a letter to commend the Task Group for the work done by its members, and for its important and timely recommendation of a principles-based approach.

The letter commends the Task Group’s efforts to put the principles into practice to engage areas of BDS, Apartheid, and Israel’s identity as a Jewish State. We recognize that these are difficult questions, and look to the principles of costly solidarity, and speaking truthfully, to be able to answer these questions as followers of Christ.

CFOS urges the United Church to stay true to these principles and continue to lead the way in social justice work as people of faith.

Video message from CFOS Chair
to Commissioners of the meeting of the United Church of Canada
44th General Council. Video – OneDrive (

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