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Fighting for Palestine

October 15, 2020

Here is an interesting article published in Al Jazeera, written by a Canadian professor on the perseverance of the Palestinian people and their quest for self-determination and justice. Here is an excerpt:  “Attention is often given to the armed resistance, but…

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The Silent Transfer of Palestinians out of Palestine

October 5, 2020

Despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Israel is continuing its long-established campaign to remove Palestinians from occupied land, particularly in East Jerusalem, through a campaign of residency revocation, displacement through house demolitions, barriers in obtaining building permits, and high…

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Attend the Toronto Palestine Film Festival

September 24, 2020

From September 23-29, the Toronto Palestine Film Festival will be taking place online. Join the event this week to gain access to unique content, including original art, short films and feature-length films. View the official festival program and other information about…

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84% of Canadians believe that the International Criminal Court should investigate Israeli officials

September 16, 2020

According to a recent poll by EKOS, sponsored by CJPME, IJV, and UNJPPI, 84% of Canadians believe that the International Criminal Court should investigate alleged war crimes committed by Israeli officials. Furthermore, 85% of Canadians disagreed with the statement that Canada should…

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Palestinian Clergy: Annexation is the last straw

September 10, 2020

Palestinian religious leaders have sent a joint letter to diplomatic missions stating that the ongoing occupation and continued threats of annexation by Israel are an existential threat to the oldest Christian community in the world.  ‘“Annexation could be the final straw when…

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Christian Leaders Call on US Political Parties to Address Palestinian Rights

August 1, 2020

Christian leaders from congregations across the U.S. have called on both major political parties to oppose the occupation, the expansion of illegal settlements and any annexation of Palestinian land. You can read an excerpt from an article that covers the Christian movement…

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CFOS Joins a Global Christian Campaign for Justice in Palestine

July 19, 2020

CFOS has endorsed a global campaign, titled “Cry for Hope,” by Kairos Palestine and Global Kairos for Justice that calls on all Christians to reflect on the systematic oppression of Palestinians and lend their voices to the global movement calling for…

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Ventilators run out in Palestine as COVID-19 cases soar

July 9, 2020

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, every ventilator in Palestine is now in use even as the number of new cases in Palestine continues to rise rapidly. The Ministry of Health reports that as of July 7th there were at least…

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Hope Still Rises Recording

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