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Workshop on the Military Detention of Palestinian Children

October 22, 2020

An invitation to ‘Stand by Me: Palestinian Children and Military Detention –A workshop

Saturday, October 24

1:00 M PST/2:00 PM MST/3:00 PM CST

Via Zoom

Pre-registration on Eventbrite is required to ensure that you receive the Zoom information:

Palestinian families live in constant awareness that Israeli soldiers could invade their house at any hour of the day or night and take a child away – often for arbitrary reasons and for an unknown length of time. Every year an average of 700 Palestinian children are arrested, mistreated, detained and prosecuted in Israel’s military court system. According to UNICEF and Defense for Children International Palestine (a United Church partner in mission), Israel is the only country in the world that systematically prosecutes children in military courts.

To learn more about the day-to-day reality of the children and their families, plan to join this 90-minute interactive workshop. Using a variety of tools (polls, small and large group discussion and film clips) we will explore what protections all children have according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We will then hear about the lived experience of some Palestinian children and how their rights are routinely violated by the actions of the Israeli military. We will finish with an invitation for each of us to take one small action to stand up for Palestinian children by signing the e-petition sponsored by MP Paul Manley. 2667

The workshop is hosted by the Canadian Friends of Sabeel,(CFOS), CJPME:Okanagan and PalNet Pacific.

The facilitators for the workshop will be Debbie Hubbard and Yara Shoufani. Debbie is a member of CJPME:Okanagan and PalNet Pacific. Yara is the Executive Director of Canadian Friends of Sabeel (

You can sign up for the workshop here!

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