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The Call
Palestinian Christians call the Christian church to “costly solidarity” in standing for truth and justice.
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The Crisis

Israel’s systemic oppression of Palestinians is imposing an apartheid regime on the Palestinian people. Palestinians are brutally deprived of basic human rights and dignity in order to subjugate them, remove them and erase their claim to the land. New laws opposing non-violent resistance have been enacted to stop the effort towards peace. Despite all the promises, endless summits and UN resolutions, Palestinians are still yearning for their freedom and independence, justice and equality.

Theology and Silence

Theology that privileges one nation over the other based on ethnicity is being used to justify the oppression. Christians are called to stand for basic human rights. Yet many Canadian Christians and congregations fail to speak out against the Israeli violations of human rights. Some churches are silenced by the manipulating pressure. Many still hide behind the cover of political neutrality, not wishing to offend their religious dialogue partners.

Palestinians suffer from apartheid treatment:

Property seizures Inability to vote Violence Incarceration

Israel routinely blocks human-aid, food and medicine from getting through to Palestinians in poverty

Apartheid violations:

Water outages
*In 2015, 90-95% of water was undrinkable in Gaza for Palestinians.
Power cuts
*In 2015, Palestinians in Gaza had an average of 18 hours of electricity blackout per day.
the Wall
*The apartheid wall, built in 2015, has painfully restricted the movement of Palestinians.
Home seizure
*Since 1994 the Israeli government has carried out a policy of randomly bulldozing the homes of Palestinians, giving them only 5 minutes warning.

Where is the Church?

Many Christians hold a theology which justifies the oppression of Palestinians. They feel justified in doing so because they want to right wrongs historically done to the Jews. Many Christians also feel pressured into theological conformity by extreme Zionists, who unfairly label all their critics anti-Semitic.

Change is in the Making

A growing number of Christians accept the fact of Israel’s existence, but view support for Zionism as tragically misplaced. Like the biblical prophets of old, they believe we truly please God and love our Jewish brothers and sisters by opposing all injustice—Israel’s injustice included.

A Canadian Journey

We are working to educate Canadians about the crisis and what we can do about it. On our own, there’s little we can do. But as we join together, our prayers and other efforts for truth, peace and reconciliation can really make a difference.

Our Response