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Who We Are
The Canadian Friends of Sabeel project is committed to standing in solidarity with Palestinians, and raising awareness in Canada of the struggle of Palestinian Christians.
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In solidarity

Palestine’s Christians call us to bear witness to the ongoing injustice against the Palestinian people. We do that, together with all Palestinians and Israelis seeking justice through non-violent means and striving for an end to Israeli occupation.

In Canada

We seek to raise Canadian awareness of the struggle of Palestinian Christians living under oppression. We do this primarily through education and solidarity projects in Canada.

Our Values:

Justice Truth Solidarity
Our efforts are guided by the Christian values of non-violence, justice, peace and reconciliation. We work with communities of all faiths, non-governmental organizations and other networks and organizations with similar values to tell the truth.
We want a peaceful resolution to end the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. We believe a just and enduring peace for Palestinians and Israelis will benefit the whole Middle East region.

Palestinian Human Rights

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Check out the links below to learn more about the Palestinian call for solidarity and our response to their voices. See how you can become involved and participate in your local community.

The Call
Our Response
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