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Encounter the Holy Land Speakers

Encounter the Holy Land Speakers

Jean Zaru – a Holy Saturday Sermon

On the weekend of June 26/27, Canadian Friends of Sabeel invites you to Encounter the Holy Land through the words of Jean Zaru, a Palestinian Christian who lives in Ramallah, outside of Jerusalem. She is a Quaker who has served on the board of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center.

Jean’s reflection, which was part of the FOSNA-Sabeel Easter Saturday service, underscores the message of Easter hope as central to the Gospel and focuses on the role of women in the Gospel and the lament of Jesus for the suffering of women; an inspiring accompaniment to the lectionary readings for this weekend. 

Daoud Nasser – Tent of Nations

We are excited to share the next video in our Encounter the Holy Land virtual speaker series! Our speaker for Pentecost was Daoud Nassar. Daoud is a Palestinian Christian Farmer, and the Director of the Tent of Nations: an educational and environmentally conscious family farm located outside of Bethlehem. It seeks to build bridges between people, and between people and the land.
Watch Daoud’s video here:

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