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Authentic Christian Pilgrimage

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Authentic Christian Pilgrimage

In December 2009, Palestinian Christian leaders called on Christian pilgrims to live their faith as they visit the Holy Land, going beyond homage of ancient sites to show concern for the Palestinian people living there whose lives are severely constricted by the Israeli occupation of their lands.

Listening to the Living Stones:

Towards a Theological Exploration of Kairos Pilgrimages for Justice

This report was developed in 2016 by the Alternative Tourism Group – Study Center in Jerusalem.

Toward Decolonization in Tourism: Engaged Tourism and the Jerusalem Tourism Cluster by Dorien Van Boer in 2016 Issue 65 of the Journal of Palestine Studies

Has the Pilgrimage Been Hijacked? by the Rev. Dr. Richard LeSueur in March 2015 issue of This Week in Palestine

Tourist or Pilgrim: It’s up to You by the Rev. Dr. Richard LeSueur and Anglican Video, April 2014 for The Anglican Journal 

Tourist or Pilgrim? a United Church of Canada resource

Responsible Tourism: The Ethical Challenges of Managing Pilgrimages to the Holy Land, by Stephen Sizer, 1999 MTh. dissertation

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