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James Graff Memorial Lecture featuring Tarek Loubani

January 21, 2019

Watch a video of Dr. Tarek Loubani,  speaker at James Graff Memorial Lecture

November 29, 2018

Location: Victoria College Chapel, 91 Charles St W, Toronto

Canadian Friends of Sabeel is happy to announce that Tarek Loubani was the featured speaker at this year’s iteration of the James Graff Memorial Lecture. Tarek is a Canadian doctor who recently made national news after he was shot in both legs by Israeli snipers on May 14 while tending to protestors who were also wounded during the Great March of Return protests in Gaza. Before this, Tarek had spent a significant amount of time in Palestine trying to improve medical care for those in regions severely impacted by the occupation.

You may view a video of the presentation by Dr. Loubani at Emmanuel College (University of Toronto) here.


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