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Join a Local Group

Join a Local Group

CFOS Group Activities and Practices

There are local Palestinian solidarity groups across Canada working to raise awareness about Palestine and the situation faced by Palestinians in Israel, those living under Israeli occupation, and Palestinian refugees in the diaspora.  Groups have a variety of different ways of raising awareness, from making presentations, hosting guest speakers, holding film nights, writing op-eds, and meeting with government representatives, to advocating around the Palestinian call for boycotts and divestment.

CFOS works with contacts from local groups across the country when organizing speaking tours and online educational events.  CFOS also works to build the network of local groups and encourages the sharing of resources and ideas for events and action.

Groups in Your Area

CFOS Local Chapters

CFOS Metro Vancouver (Facebook) is a local chapter that works to raise awareness about Palestine within Christian communities in metro Vancouver.

If you would be interested in forming a CFOS local chapter to engage the Christian community on Palestine in your area, please get in touch!

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