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Litanies, Liturgies

Litanies, Liturgies

Worship Service for Peace in Palestine

Lighting of the Christ Candle

It is a privilege to share with you links to a worship resource for Palestine, developed by Ineke Medcalf and Rev. Jeanette Liberty-Duns, working with partners in Palestine, and with Rev. Lilian Patey, Rev. Keith Simmonds and other committed justice-seekers here on Turtle Island. 
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Prayer in the wake of violence in East Jerusalem and Gaza

(Composed by Byron Rempel-Burkholder, chair, Mennonite Church Canada Palestine-Israel Network, for an interfaith vigil; feel free to share, with attribution.)

God of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, and all beloved children of earth,
Today your eye is upon all the precious lands your hands have created,
Your beautiful, fruitful lands of which we, your children, are stewards–

The land we call Turtle Island
The land we call Canada
The land we call Israel
The land we call Palestine
The land we call Holy –a land of pilgrimage, a place of encounter, a place of sacred stories.

God of all lands, remain with us today as we sit together in lament and as we look to you in hope.
As Jesus wept over Jerusalem, Al Quds, the holy city of peace
So we weep over the city and the land now divided—so torn, so hurting.

Come, Holy Spirit of Peace.
Turn these swords into ploughshares, these guns into garden tools.
Turn these hearts of stone into hearts beating with a love for justice.
Turn our fear into courage—courage to face the deep roots of our brokenness.
Turn our enmity into deep care for the other.
Turn our desire to conquer into a desire to heal.
Turn our need to control and defend, into a passion for equality and dignity for all.
Let your perfect love cast out our fear.

Today, O God, your eye smarts in the smoke and dust still lingering over broken highrises, hospitals, homes and places of worship in Gaza, Khan Yunis, and Ashkelon.
Your eye waters in the blue haze of tear gas still filling the streets of your beloved land.
Your eye is upon children longing for shelter and safe homes in Jerusalem/Al Quds, in Ramallah, in Lod, in the villages of the Hebron Hills and the Negev.
Your eye glistens upon the adults who meet around tables to discuss a better future, a safer stewardship of your beloved land.
Your eye sparkles in the delights of Jewish Israeli and Arab Palestinian children returning to the streets and the playgrounds and beaches of your beloved land.
Your eye gleams upon the orchards of apricots, grapes and olives as they blossom and fruit in their relentless cycles of resurrection.
Your eye gazes upon each moment of history, including today and tomorrow.
Your ear hears the voice of prayer in every mosque, every synagogue, every church.
Your heart beats with love for each human, created in your image.
God of every human heart, stay with us. Find your home with us. Be the home we long for.
In your holy name, we lift our hearts to you.

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