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Action Toolkit

Boycott & Divestment Guide and Resources

Boycotts and Divestments involve withdrawing support for Israel and Israeli and international companies that are involved in the violation of Palestinian human rights.

BDS Introduction
BDS Company List

Join a Local Group

If you’d like to be involved with your local Canadian Friends of Sabeel, then contact us. There are groups located across the country. Being in a local group is a great way to be connected with Palestinian Christians in Canada. Together we stand in solidarity with our brother and sisters in Palestine.

Join a local group

Write to your MP

Canadian MPs are some of the key players in Canada’s response to the Israel-Palestine crisis. The laws that are passed and Canada’s needed support for Palestinians and Jews depend on MPs hearing from their constituents. Write a letter today.

Find your MP

Read up on Palestine

There are some great books out there on Palestine. Read up on the culture wars and the ideas that have been at the center of the conflict. CFOS offers a selection of books written by community authors.

CFOS Bookstore

How-to Guide: Talking About Palestine with Zionists

Political conversations can often go awry because people tend to simply express their own cherished ideals. Doing so does not amount to persuasion. The healthy alternative is to understand what your conversation partners value and draw connections for them.

Video: How to have political conversations

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