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Call for CFOS Volunteers: Commit Yourself to Work for the Liberation of Palestine


(1) Authentic Christian Pilgrimage (ACP) Committee

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is supposed to be a profound experience, a journey of encounter and transformation. Since 1967, however, Israel coopted this experience as a means of entrenching its illegal occupation of Palestinian territory, exploiting its control over holy sites in East Jerusalem and the West Bank to control where pilgrims go, what they see, and that what they hear is not from encountering Palestinians. Get in on the ground floor of CFOS’s new global initiative, soon to be unveiled, to upend this manipulation of millions of pilgrims.

(2) Invitation for new CFOS Board Members

We are currently seeking two new Board members, who are active members of their church, for three-year terms on our twelve-member Board. For purposes of representation, we are particularly interested in candidates involved in the Anglican Church and/or residing in Atlantic Canada.

(3) Programme Planning Committee

We would welcome the involvement of additional volunteers, who are active in their churches, in the committee that manages the overall direction, strategy, and implementation of CFOS programming.

(4) Communications Committee

Help to spread the word! Join our Communications Committee and gain experience in shaping the content, rhythm, and messaging of our media and social media work.

* * * * *

Write us to apply at if you are interested and able to make a one-year commitment. Committees meet approximately once a month.

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