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Walk with Palestine

Walk with Palestine

Join us in walking with Palestine!

After many months of lockdown, and with travel to the Holy Land still limited, we have come up with an initiative that encourages outdoor activity and solidarity. We invite you to walk, run, bike, or swim with Palestine! Each route is based on a walking route in the Holy Land, with extra kilometres to factor in the reality of checkpoints that Palestinians must deal with on their daily commutes.

Your Involvement

Choose from one of the following 3 routes:- 

  • 35 KM – Journey through checkpoints from Jerusalem to Hebron
    After a day of touring the Old City, journey to Hebron (Al-Khalil) to encounter and be with Palestinians)
  • 85 KM – Journey through checkpoints from Nablus to Jericho
    Journey with Palestinians through Wadi Qelt, down to the Oasis of Jericho
  • 100 KM – Journey through checkpoints from Jenin to Jerusalem Imagine yourself accompanying a Palestinian on a journey from Jenin to spend a weekend with family in Jerusalem

Keep track of your own distance walking, biking, etc. until you reach the total for your route. You have from now until the end of September. CFOS will receive 100% of your registration fee. Make a fundraising page and share it with your family and friends; CFOS will receive 100% of those donations. And this is a great way to invite new people to learn about the story of Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land.

Your Impact

At CFOS, we have increased our capacity to present programs that educate for justice and peace by 10 fold. How did we do it? We hired a full-time Executive Director.

When we were a volunteer-only organization, we hosted one or two programs a year. In the past3 years we have been able to offer much more than that:

– Exceptional programs such as Dr. Tarek Loubani and Samah Sabawi at the James Graff Memorial Lecture

– A yearlong virtual liturgy program to empower churches to encounter and reflect withPalestinian faith leaders despite lockdown restrictions

– A 10 day sold out run of the North American premiere of the play Tales of a City by the Sea

– $30,000 raised for Gaza to install solar panels for Al Ahli Hospital

– Webinars, weekly e-blasts with resources and links to action, and much more.

These programs were only possible with staff support, and we were able to move into full-time staffing because of the generosity and support of donors like you! We need your support to be able to continue with this level of programming!

Will you help us in ensuring our work can remain staff supported and filled with regular programs that work towards justice and peace in the Holy Land?

Walk with Palestine

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